About Me

I’ve always been interested in living a healthy life. As a teenager, playing sports was a great motivator.

I was usually training and working out, mostly for track and doing what I could to maximize my results.

Later on, my children became my motivation. I learned about pesticides and did my best to buy or grow what I could organic.

I grew and juiced wheat grass which I forced my kids to drink. (although my daughter threaten to call the authorities on me!)

I took classes on herbs, essential oils, iridology, reflexology, kinesiology as well as Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki. I also read with fascination various books on quantum physics.

I don’t claim to be an authority on any one of these subjects but learning a little about each has heighten my awareness, satisfied some curiosities and raised some too.

Mostly, it’s been helpful in my personal quest to take care of my health and the health of my family.

Now with my husband of over 37 years, we’re empty nesters but enjoy our adult children and grandchildren.

As we’re getting older, I feel it’s more important than ever to take care of our health. Of course, having grandchildren also keeps me on the lookout from their perspective as well.

I believe it’s up to each of us to take responsibility for our health and not blindly trust government regulations or more accurately, lack thereof, for what we bring into our homes.

There is so much information out there but removing the opinions and just getting the facts helps to simplify the process.

Through the years, I’ve gathered a lot of information and facts. If I can save you time by sharing what I’ve learned or increase your curiosity and awareness, the time I’ve given this  site will have much greater value.

Life can be frustrating because there’s so many issues out there that we can’t do anything about but our health……we can do something about that!!

I’m hoping this site will not only help you but will help the ones you love too!!

Thank you for visiting and please come back, we just might have something new!!


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