Baby Acne Remedies
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Baby Acne Remedies, Cradle Cap, Baby Skin Rash, Milia, Miliaria Rubra and Baby Eczema - read here to learn your baby's skin problem and what you should do!

Let's take a look at what you may be concerned about and keep in mind, it's all very common.

There are tips on cradle cap and information regarding your baby skin problem but just know, your baby's skin will go through several stages soon after birth before it settles down.

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baby with acne

MiliaThat's those common little white bumps visible at birth, not to worry, it is common and they do go away on their own.

You don't want to scrub, pick or put anything on them. Just know they will go away on their own soon.

Miliaria rubra - Known as a heat rash will usually disappear once your baby is cooled down.

Cradle Cap (infantile seborrheic dermatitis) Is also very common and will eventually clear up.

If it bothers you (doesn’t bother your baby) you can lightly massage olive oil on your baby’s scalp, wait about 10 minutes and use a soft brush, lightly brushing it.

Do this before washing the hair.

cradle cap

Baby Eczema – (atopic dermatitis) Doctor's don’t know what causes eczema and speculate on many possibilities.

It could last a short time or come and go throughout childhood, it isn’t contagious but it is itchy and can be uncomfortable.

Eczema can also spread in places other than just their face.

Again, it’s important to wash their clothes in chemical free detergent and use all chemical free products for grooming.

Acne - Now we're down to the baby acne and yes, it is real, it is common and will usually show up when your baby is a couple weeks old.

Again, it will clear up on its own time, around two weeks so don't worry about it and don't do anything (picking, scrubbing or putting anything on it - that will cause your baby discomfort)

If you use all natural products from grooming to detergent, keeping your baby clean, let time do the rest.

Of course, if there are extreme situations or problems that don't go away, consult your Doctor.  Otherwise, don't fret about your baby's skin, be embarrassed or worried over the little spots or pimples.

Your baby will be changing every day and needs you to enjoy each and every one of them!

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