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AVOID Hot Baths For Arthritis if Pregnant, Heart Trouble, High Blood Pressure, or are Diabetic.

Arthritis “inflammation of the joints” can be Rheumatoid, Osteoarthritis even Juvenile.    

Many people will find relief from the symptoms of stiffness and pain with baths for arthritis.  The moist heat boost the blood supply to the site of pain, while relaxing tense muscles and spasms.  It's a great addition to your home remedies for arthritis.  There are several arthritis treatments and arthritis cures but we're just going to focus on baths.

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There was a study that found saline solution does indeed reduce painful inflammation of the joints, without any side effects.  So simply soaking in a bath of salt water, is beneficial.  (reported in the Daily Express) 

Additionally, The Manchester University team investigated how body cells that expand can control inflammation.  This is the immune system’s first response to injury or infection.   This was done as a test on mice, it was discovered that injecting a saline solution into the area of inflammation, the swelling was reduced by sucking the water out of the expanded cells.   These recent discovery’s support the benefits of a good salt bath soak and we're going to make it extra fun with a few options. 

Let's Dive In!

 Salt Baths For Arthritis

Epsom salts aka Magnesium sulfate is the most common choice for salt baths, however there’s many other you can choose from.  (for more on salt choices and their benefits, go here)

Mix 1- 2 Cups of salt into a hot bath and enjoy a relaxing soak for at least 20 minutes.

             Essential Oil Arthritis Bath   
              (this could be combined with the salt bath above too!)

Juniper Berry -4 drops
Lavender - 2 drops
Cypress - 2 drops
Rosemary - 2 drops

Wait until you fill your bath with hot water, then sprinkle in the oils and gently hand stir – slide in and relax….each of these oils offer properties that will relieve pain and inflammation.

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    Herbal Arthritis Bath

Juniper!!   Add a handful of dry juniper berries (can also use fresh crushed) to your hot bath.  You can also steep them like you would tea and pour the liquid into the bath.

Juniper is a tonic and great for drawing toxins out of the kidneys which can ease the pain of arthritis.

     Tips & Recommendations

Evening Baths - Hot baths can make you feel tired and even flu like symptoms (especially if using with salt) because your body is detoxing.  Drink a glass of water and best to call it a night.  Do not rinse off, you want to retain the minerals and nutrients from the water that is absorbed through your skin.

How Often To Take Baths For Arthritis - If you're using the salt recipe, no more than once a week for starters.   In time you can nightly if you want but it's a process you want to take slow - detoxing can make you feel worse before you start feeling better.

Don't Forget To - Take a big glass of cold water with you.   It's a great time to meditate, read a book, listen to music, whatever makes your bath more enjoyable and relaxing.  

Hope You Find Comfort

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