Baths For Sore Muscles

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If you're taking a hot bath Avoid if : Pregnant, Heart Trouble, High Blood Pressure, or are Diabetic

There can be numerous reasons why our body aches so keep that in mind while deciding which baths for sore muscles.  Bath treatment recipes can be very effective given this consideration. 

Muscle aches and soreness can be related to stress on muscle, joints or due to injury.  It can also be caused by certain medical conditions.

Autoimmune conditions such as fibromyalgia and lupus can cause muscle cramping and soreness.

A hot bath or sitting in a hot tub may help relieve symptoms.

Rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease and certain electrolyte imbalances can also lead to muscle soreness. 

A hot bath of around 104 degrees Fahrenheit may relieve painful muscle cramps.

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If you experience persistent pain you should discuss with your doctor what sort of therapy would be best.

Let's say you worked out hard and you know that's why your body is achy.  Did you know some experts recommend taking an ice cold bath?  Maybe you have a pulled muscle or experiencing swelling, this is really what is recommended. 

Lactic acid and toxins settle in our muscles, when we work out and stir up the acid and toxins we feel pain.  A cold bath will constrict blood vessels reducing this pain.   Some people will even dump ice in their bath!!

Not what you wanted to hear, right?!?

If you don't want a cold bath and your pain is isolated, try an ice pack for a day or two to reduce swelling - then you'll be ready to try these baths for sore muscles.  If you're ready to jump into a hot bath now, let's get started!!

                                                 Bath Recipes

                                                          The Ever So Popular.....

                                                            Salt Bath

2 cups of Epsom or Sea Salt

Reduces inflammation, removes toxins and lactic acid in muscles - a natural relaxer

Optional but Recommended:

5 drops Lavender Essential Oil (always add oils after you fill your tub)
3 drops rosemary oil

If you want your bath to be moisturizing, add your essential oils to a carrier oil (1 Tbsp) before adding to bath.

Soak for at least 30-45 minutes.

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   Herbal Bath For Sore Muscles

1 Cup of Chamomile leaves

1/4 Cup Sage

1/4 Cup Rosemary

1/4 Rose Petals

1/4 C Oregano

10 Bay Leaves

Add the above ingredients to a pan of water (approx 1 qt) and bring to simmer - allow to steep 10 minutes and strain.   After filling bath with hot water, add the herbal solution and hand stir.

Option:   If you have the above ingredients in essential oils, you can add 4 drops of each into a carrier oil and add to the bath once it's filled.                                                                                                          

 Buttermilk Bath

1/2 Cup Dry Buttermilk   (option: 1 Cup Dry Powder Milk and add 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar to bath)

1/2 Cup Epsom Salt

1/4 C Baking Soda

Mix ingredients together and pour into hot bath, hand stir.

Optional:  Add a few drops of your choice of Essential Oil once bath is filled.

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  Vinegar Bath

Add 1 - 2 Cups Natural Apple Cider Vinegar to bath, hand stir.

Optional:  Add a few drops of your choice of Essential Oil once bath is filled.

                                                   Additional Tips

Use one or two tennis balls in the bathtub to massage sore, tight muscles.

Evening Baths - Baths for sore muscles can make you feel tired and even flu like symptoms because your body could be detoxing, especially if you're using salt.  (this is a good thing!) 

Drink a glass of water and best to call it a night.  Do not rinse off, you want to retain the minerals and nutrients from the water that is absorbed through your skin.

Don't Forget To - Take a big glass of cold water with you.   It's a great time to meditate, read a book, listen to music, whatever makes your bath more enjoyable and relaxing.  

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