Baths For Sunburns

Cool Off That Burn and Get Sweet Relief With These Easy Recipes!

O.K., I’m not going to say anything…’ve already scolded yourself and I’ve been there, done it! 

It’s so easy to spend time outside working in the garden, enjoying the beach or whatever the case may be, especially that first exposure of the year.   The air is cool, the sun is shining, (could even be cloudy!) you're comfortable and not giving it a second thought and then....wowzers!!

I’ve been recommending hot baths for the other bath treatments but this one is different, with baths for sunburns we’re going cool water for our sunburn treatments and air dry the best you can, all of these remedies are more helpful if left on skin.

Let’s go!

These sunburn remedies will show you how to treat sunburns and right from your very own kitchen!

Baking Soda – Add a few heaping tablespoons of baking soda to cool bath water, hand stir and soak 15-20 minutes.  When finished, air dry, you want the baking soda to remain on your skin.

Oatmeal  - Add ½ - 1 Cups of oatmeal and hand stir. (if you want it to be fine -recommended- toss it in your coffee grounder first) 

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Vinegar - Can use white household vinegar or apple cider vinegar - ACV recommended–

Add 2 Cups of Vinegar into cool bath.  You can add rose petals or essential oils if you’d like to counter the vinegar smell. (lavender or chamomile is recommended)

Tea – (The tannic acid from tea is soothing for burns) – Make a big pot of tea with 4-6 tea bags, add to your cool bath after it has seeped and cooled.  (can also mist tea on your burn)

Milk – Add 1 gallon of milk to a cool bath or wet a small towel with milk and cover the burn.

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Tomato Juice - Add 2 cups tomato juice to bath of cool water.

Spritz & Tips

Baking Soda - ¼ Cup in spray bottle of cool water (keep in frig) spritz as needed.  (shake before using)

Essential Oil – 12-15 drops of Lavender or Chamomile or combine in bottle of cool water.  Spritz as needed.  (shake before using)

Lavender Essential Oil 15 ml 100% Pure Oil Chamomile Blue German Essential Oil 15 ml 100% Pure Oil

Witch Hazel – Spray (without diluting) on skin

Aloe Vera – Great for your skin, use fresh aloe or aloe vera gel, apply and leave on your skin.

Cucumbers and Yogurt both have cooling and healing properties, apply and allow to rest on your skin for 10-20 minutes, rinse with cool shower – do not use soap.

Cool Water - At the very least, wet a wash cloth (or towel) with cold water and apply it to sunburn skin.

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Drink plenty of cool water, you're probably a little dehydrated as well

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