Dangerous Items Found in Every Room Of Your Home

Dangerous items in our homes...A MUST READ!!! Cleaning with Chemicals, Toxic Cosmetics, Pesticide Poisoning, GMO's, Microwave Dangers, Indoor Air Pollution and More are Harming our Families.  Read On.......

Most of us are aware of what we eat and try to do our best to eat healthy but we don't give equal consideration beyond our food.

I want to expose many dangerous items that most have not considered.

For starters, our cleaning supplies, (Cleaning with Chemicals)cosmetics (Toxic Cosmetics) and body care products are loaded with chemicals and ingredients that are rapidly absorb through our skin.

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Our skin is our biggest organ and most important immune defense barrier.

These chemicals are absorbed into our bodies and blood stream, causing everything from hormone disruptions, immune disorders, to cancer.

If we want to be as healthy as possible, we need to address our health from many directions, not just what we put in our mouths.

Dr. Landrigan a pediatrician and director of Mount Sinai's Children's Environmental Health Center in New York says, "When we look at what is causing prevalent childhood diseases such as allergies, autism and asthma, we're finding that genetics is only part of the story. Today, we have sophisticated scientific research tools that show us that childhood exposures to chemicals found in everyday, common household products can be permanently affecting a child's health and brain development."

Then there are many household products we use every day out of convenience not realizing how truly dangerous some of these items are.

In addition to cleaning with chemicals and toxic cosmetics, there are many other dangerous and toxic items.

There are all kinds of chemicals found in plastics we use in the kitchen and other products.

Speaking of the kitchen, read the truth about microwave ovens.

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Then there's antibacterial soap, did you know it does a lot more harm than good?

Indoor air pollution from our air fresheners along with EMF exposure are more risk. Our routers for wireless convenience does come with a price.

As you can see, there are several items many have never consider, but should. (I know you're probably feeling defeated and ready to give up as you read this but let me assure you, there are practical remedies to most of these)

For now bottom line, all of these dangerous items pose a risk factor to your health which I'll show you in detail.

When you start taking a closer look at each of these and consider the accumulation affect of daily exposure, all the various health issues we see and hear about start making sense.

For you Moms out there, I'll get specific with many baby products which is scary considering the accumulation on the small, undeveloped bodies.

Question everything and everyone. Educate yourself, it will change the way you think and live.

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