Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating - Bored Eating? Stress Eating? Emotional Eater?  There's Triggers You Can Identify and Change - Learn More Here!

Identify The Emotional Triggers
and healthy distractions!

1.  If food is your source for dealing with being bored or for pleasure - Find new hobbies or re-connect with things you enjoy.  If you can come up with a sport or some physical activity, that would be fantastic!   Other ideas;  music, art work, volunteer work, a fun class, any hobby you enjoy.  Picture your goal weight to help resist the temptation and get those temptations out of the kitchen!

2. If food is your source for dealing with stress or depression -  Find something else that will help calm you down.   Take up Meditation or Yoga.  How about a relaxing bath with a good book?  Maybe call a friend and chat it out?  Again, a sport or some physical activity is absolutely great for stress and/or depression or try one of your pleasure activities above.   Just don't walk to the kitchen - again, picture your goal weight....resist that temptation!

3.  If you always feel hungry - This can be a real medical issue, polyphagia or PWS. It can be a mental or physical conditions and should be discussed with your Doctor.  Keep in mind, this is a medical issue where one experiences excessive hunger....consider if you really have excessive hunger or is it the boredom, stress, depression thing?  One way to determine if you're truly hungry is to think about eating something you really don't like.....ex. if you really don't like broccoli but you're willing to eat a bowl of it because you're that hungry.... then yes, you're truly hungry. 

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There's also some middle ground here.  (may not be emotional, may not be polyphagia)  Maybe there's something lacking in your diet, are you eating a well balanced diet?  Sometimes you may just need some healthy fat, eat a handful of nuts.   Maybe you're dehydrated, enjoy a big glass of water.  Fluctuations or abnormalities in the thyroid hormone or adrenalin hormone can also cause hunger pangs.  Diabetes will also send messages to the brain of hunger.  

If you're sure it's not one of the emotional triggers, you're eating a well balanced diet and staying hydrated but still have excessive hunger, consult with your Doctor.

What if you can't put your finger on it?   Keep a food diary.  Every time you eat, write down the time, what you ate, how much you ate and how you were feeling at the time, before and after. 

Don't judge yourself, this isn't the time....just do this honestly for a week.  Keeping a food diary will help you determine your emotional eating pattern.  Some people have even learned they eat when they're happy - it's a celebration!!

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Once you've figured out what type of eater you are and you've connected with some of the healthy distractions we've already discussed above to get through these times, move on to Loosing Weight Tips.  

If you put all of this information together as it relates to you specifically, you should be on your way to a healthier, leaner, more aware and happy person!

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