Homemade Facial Cleanser

Great For Your Skin, Easy To Make And Affordable!

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This face cleanser recipe can be tweaked to suit your skin type which is one of the many benefits of making your own homemade face cleanser.  

I will offer tips and suggestions on the soap recipe so you can have your own perfect homemade facial cleanser!

Homemade Face Cleanser

1/2 C Herbal Tea (recommended Teas: Green Tea - Reduces inflammation, great for skin's elasticity and even offers a measure of sun protection.  Chamomile - Healing, moisturizing, fights acne, natural skin bleach)

1/2 C Castile Soap

2 t Oil (recommended Oils: Coconut, Almond, Avocado, Grapeseed, Hazelnut)

15 Drops Essential Oil (recommended: Carrot Seed - Promotes cell regeneration, tones, healing.  Geranium - Helps balance skin, tightens skin, promotes blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, healing. Lavender - Lightens appearance of age spots and scars.  Promotes cell regeneration, good for mature skin. Lemon -  Natural astringent and antibacterial agent. Beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin.  Tones, shrinks pores.

Tweaks - For dry skin, add additional oil or vitamin E oil, choose chamomile tea.  For oily skin, choose green tea and lemon or geranium is a great choice for essential oil.

Directions - Use filtered water (or boiled) to make your tea, allow to cool.  Mix remaining ingredients together and pour into a bottle (recycled and washed or purchase at dollar or drug store) and give a little shake before using.

Benefits of making your own homemade facial cleanser are many, the best reason in my opinion is replacing chemicals found in commercial products with healthy ingredients. 

As stated on many pages of this site, your skin absorbs what you put on it, ending up in your bloodstream.   So many health issues from minor to cancer can be avoided by removing these toxic chemicals.

Other reasons are, you're able to experiment and make a cleanser for your skin type. 

You can save money and have the satisfaction of knowing you're nourishing your skin, not damaging it. 

If you're one that gives consideration to the environment, you'll also have the satisfaction of knowing you're not sending needless chemicals back into the environment.   Consider other chemicals you may be using, visit Homemade Cleaning Products.

Don't stop with face soap, visit Skin Care Recipes for more fun and healthy recipes!

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