Homemade Jewelry Cleaner


Homemade jewelry cleaner that's affordable, easy, safe and will bring back the shine and sparkle you're looking for!

Cleaning jewelry with your own homemade jewelry cleaner will make cleaning diamonds and all your beautiful jewelry a breeze - It's important to protect your jewelry so read the following carefully.........

Before we get started, a little jewelry cleaning 101.

Some people think one jewelry cleaner is all they need but that’s a big mistake. (unless you only have one type of jewelry)

Cleaning diamonds is not the same as opals, turquoise, etc. and if you're using the wrong cleaner, you can damage and even blacken your jewelry.

Also, some of the ultrasonic jewelry cleaners on the market can damage the more delicate jewelry and even fracture your precious stones. 

I’m going to share with you a couple recipes that should be used according to the jewelry you want to clean so you’ll have beautiful, safe results!

How To Clean Diamonds

a diamond

Warning:  DO NOT use this cleaner on jewelry that is soft or porous due to the ammonia in the recipe. This would include stones such as opals, coral, turquoise, pearl, malachite, jade, amber and lapis.

You can use this on your gold jewelry and costume jewelry.  

Also, if doing this over a sink, make sure you use a stopper over the drain.  Not only could you drop your jewelry but if you have a loose stone it could fall out.

1 C Water, 2 Tbsp  liquid dish soap, 1 t  ammonia

Add the dish soap and the ammonia to 1 cup of water and mix it well.  Add your jewelry to the mixture and allow it to soak in the solution for approximately 15 minutes.  After soaking, use a soft brush (baby’s soft toothbrush will work if you don’t have a soft jewelry brush) and gently clean before rinsing with water.  Use a soft cloth to pat dry.

Don't discard this mixture, if you keep it stored in a glass jar it can last for well over a year using time after time.

Pearls, Opals & Shells

Place your jewelry into a pantyhose leg, tying the end tight to keep it secure. 

Fill a sink with warm water and add a drop of mild dish soap, shampoo will work too.  Stir it up with your hand.

Place the pantyhose into the water and gently massage the jewelry.   Be careful of any fragile parts including the thread of a pearl necklace.

When finished, rinse with clear water, remove and gently absorb moisture with a clean, soft towel and allow to finish drying on towel.


1 C Water, 2 Tbsp  dishwasher detergent, 1 T baking soda,  1 T salt

While heating water, place foil on the bottom of a glass bowl. 

Mix salt, baking soda and the dishwasher detergent together and pour on top of foil, then pour the hot water on top.   

Place jewelry in the cleaner and let it soak approximately 15 minutes. Rinse with water, pat dry with clean cloth.

White toothpaste alone with a brush can be used on silver jewelry if you want something quick and easy. 

Jewelry is beautiful and often it's a great investment.  Enjoy it, take care of it and pass it on in beautiful condition to those special children and grand-children!

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