How To Fall Asleep
and stay that way!

How To Fall Asleep with these great Do's and Don'ts and Great Sleeping Tips.  The following sleep advice will give you the sleep help you need. 

We all have those nights where we toss and turn and the more we toss and turn, the more agitated we become.  Thoughts are running through our minds and we just can't turn it off, we can't relax, we can't sleep!!

Read these Do's and Don'ts and see if there isn't a change (or several) that will help you to get a good night sleep!

Do's & Don't s


                                  Before Bed Time

Do:  Drink;  Yogi Kava Stress Relief herbal tea, Chamomile, or other relaxing herb teas. (caffeine free)
 Especially in place of caffeinated drinks, will help to relax and de-stress.

Do:  Light stretching while focusing on deep breathing.
  Relieves tension, helps the body to slow down and relax.

Do:  Take a relaxing bath before bed.
  It will help relax your mind and body and prepare both for sleep...add some lavender essential oil for added relaxation.

Do:  Dim the house lights as it gets closer to bed time.

Why?  Increase melatonin level to aid sleep.  Conversely, light lowers melatonin level, helping you to waken…great trick when traveling overseas or anytime you need to wake up…hit the sunlight!

Do:  Wear a mask if you’re not able to control the light or early morning sun
  Again, it’s about light, triggering your body into waky, waky – not to mention it’s annoying!

Do:  Have a small notebook and pen in your night stand to write down what you’re trying to remember on that “to do list” in your head.
  So you can let it go for the night. 

Do:  Mist your pillow with a lavender spray.
Why?  Research has proven that
Lavender eases both anxiety and insomnia.

Do: Read before going to bed, something light or boring.
Long proven remedy - bore yourself to sleep!

Do:  Meditate
Why:  Reduces production of stress hormones
, decreased anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

                           DON'T S

                                 Before Bed Time

Don’t: Drink any beverages with caffeine after 3:00 p.m.
  It varies but can take up to 6 - 8 hours to wear off.

Don’t:  Exercise within 2-3 hours of  bed time. 
  Exercise raises your heart rate and temperature.

Don’t:  Eat within 2-3 hours of bed time.
  Like exercise, eating raises your heart rate and temperature.

Don’t:  Have your work or exercise equipment in your bedroom.
  It’s distracting, not mentally relaxing to sleep in the same room. (a constant reminder in the back of your mind to work or exercise - unsettling!)

Don’t:  Have a light shining in your room such as a night light, electronics, windows not adequately covered, etc.
  Your brain will not produce melatonin in the presence of light.  Melatonin is a sleep inducing hormone.

Don’t:  Wear restrictive or uncomfortable clothing.
  Probably goes without saying but….being comfortable is key to sleep!

Don’t:  Sleep in a warm room
  Mild drop in body temperature induces sleep, 67- 72 degrees is recommended but it’s a personal choice.  Some people love to have a fan on low - helps to keep you cool.

Don’t: Use a memory foam pillow if you’re trying to stay cool.
  The foam can make your head too warm, making it difficult to maintain sleep.


Sleeping Tips

Some final sleeping tips and thoughts.....

There are more reasons why you may not be sleeping well. 

How's your mattress?

What about your bedding?  Personally, I have to use cotton sheets and blanket, that little change makes a big difference for me.   To have material that doesn't breathe feels stifling.

Do you have to deal with outside noise?  Try to manage it with white noise (fan?) or wave type machines.

Are you taking sleeping pills?  I keep a bottle of chewable melatonin in my night stand for those difficult nights. 

I'm not a doctor so I'm just tossing it out there for your consideration. It could be a good alternative, use your own judgment. (or discuss with your Doctor)

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I just have serious concerns with sleeping pills and some of the ingredients such as zolpidem.

Now for my menopausal sisters out there.....if you haven't done anything to get your hormones in balance, look into it.  That alone can wreak havoc - getting balanced could be all you need.

Think dark, quiet, cool, comfortable


Sweet Dreams....

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