Indoor Air Pollution

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Indoor Air Pollution caused by air fresheners have scientists and allergist giving air warnings that the use of these air fresheners containing phthalates actually trigger respiratory problems. (chronic bronchitis, COPD, interstitial lung disease, pleurisy, sarcoidosis and aggravate asthma and allergies).

Add to this cleaning with chemicals and aerosol propellant products with compressed gas that lends even more in our home environment.  (butanes, propane, nitrogen, fluorocarbons, and carbon dioxideMost have no idea how much air pollution we have in our homes.

About 20 percent of the population and 34 percent of people with asthma reported health problems related to home air pollution, more specifically, air fresheners which can be avoided by making your own Homemade Air Fresheners

According to the British lung Foundation, persons with COPD should NOT use plug-in air fresheners, sprays or scented candles.

John Hopkins also posted a health alert:  "A chemical in many air fresheners may reduce lung function in people with lung disease."

These are just a few of the many articles written about the dangers of home air pollution and air fresheners.

They not only cause respiratory problems but also contain ingredients that are linked to endocrine and reproductive developmental problems.

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The worse being phthalates which is not usually listed on the product and is found in “all natural” air fresheners as well. (we also discuss phthalates in Dangerous Baby Products as it shows up in many products).

Some more ingredients that can be found in air fresheners are:

formaldehyde, toluene, styrene, DEUC, benzene, limonene, ketones, phosphate, aerosol propellant, esters, p-dichlorobenzene, along with other synthetic fragrance.

Home air pollution is at an all time high with the high use of air fresheners along with cleaning supplies and aerosol products.

It’s deceiving since some smell so clean and fresh, but those chemicals are connected to more than just asthma, allergies, endocrine and reproductive problems, they’re also known to cause headaches, dizziness and even brain damage.

With childhood asthma at an all time high, it's important we really take a good look at the products we have and use in our homes.

It’s time to get rid of the febreeze, plug-ins, scented candles, bathroom sprays and potpourris, all of these are air pollutants that harm our bodies.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that studies have found that levels of several VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) “average 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors.”

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Take a look at our Home Remedies for Homemade Air Fresheners , we offer home remedies that will simply remove odors from your home and also ones that will give your home lovely scents of your choice for a true home air purifer.

For you Moms, make sure you read Mommy Help.

Also, don’t forget to open your windows on those beautiful days!!

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