Loosing Weight Tips
Sometimes little changes make a BIG difference

Losing Weight Tips - If you want to lose inches or weight, these easy tips for weight loss will make a BIG difference!

  1. Don't skip meals, makes your body slow down the burning process.       
  2. Plan your meals ahead of time to avoid impulsive bad choices.
  3. Oatmeal in the morning!  Keeps you satisfied all morning.
  4. Eat healthy fats, nuts, salmon, guacamole, keeps you satisfied longer
  5. Don't fry foods, instead try baking or roasting.
  6. Deal with stress outside of food, meditation is a good choice.
  7. Look for low calorie meals when eating out.
  8. Stay away from junk and processed foods when shopping.
  9. Drink a glass of water if you're craving food between meals.
  10. Take a brisk walk before dinner, you'll make better choices in the right mode.  (not to mention the exercise!)
  11. Prepare healthy snacks to avoid grabbing the wrong foods.
  12. Eat slower, better for digestion and you'll feel fuller with less by taking your time.
  13. Drink green tea to boost your metabolism.
  14. Use smaller plates, it's too tempting to fill those larger plates.
  15. Eat snacks off a plate or bowl, you'll eat more if you don't see how much you're eating.
  16. Muscle burns more calories than fat, incorporate strength training 2-3 times a week.
  17. Use chili peppers in your dishes, boost your metabolism.
  18. Drink filling liquids before eating, soup or smoothies, you'll eat less.
  19. Get plenty of sleep, not enough sleep increases your appetite
  20. Keep track of your weight daily, it will keep you be more disciplined through out the day.
  21. Get a pedometer and make 10,000 steps a day your goal.
  22. Make your dips from veggies, beans, salsa or fruit, avoiding cream type dips.
  23. Avoid eating  when distracted, you'll eat more like infront of the T.V.
  24. Keep a daily journal of what you're eating, it will help you be more disciplined through out the day.
  25. Give your protein extra low-calorie flavor by adding a salsa or chutney instead of a gooey cream sauce
  26. Avoid fruit juice
  27. Avoid sugary drinks.
  28. Watch the sodium and sugar content on foods, avoiding those that are high.
  29. Eat homemade vegetable soups, filling and low calorie.
  30. Eat fruit or veggies (with healthy dips) when you have the munchies.
  31. Buy exercise clothes and shoes - don't need any excuses - it will also help you follow through.
  32. Fill your time with fun activities replacing the "fun eating"
  33. By lean meats.
  34. Avoid your kitchen in between meals, the power of suggestion is strong!
  35. Don't miss breakfast.
  36. Eat lean protein with every meal, helps the burning.
  37. Exercise first thing in the morning.
  38. Keep temptation foods out of the kitchen.
  39. Eat peanut or almond butter, it's filling and good fats you need.
  40. Keep track of inches lost, sometimes you'll lose inches but not pounds when you start exercising.
  41. Avoid high fructose foods.
  42. Salmon helps your body burn fat, the omega 3 is good for you.
  43. Drink smoothies for a snack made with fresh fruit and honey.
  44. Eat eggs!  Great protein and will keep you satisfied.
  45. Have goals - on the scale or with your clothing size.
  46. Mediterranean diet is a great diet to follow.
  47. When eating pasta, choose whole wheat
  48. Eat a healthy snack before working out.
  49. Choose beans for protein, healthy and filling.
  50. Have healthy snacks in your desk at work to help you avoid those office donuts and candy.
  51. Add left over veggies to whole wheat wraps or pitas for a healthy lunch.
  52. Eat a variety of fruits and veggies for a variety of nutrients.
  53. Replace mayo with mustard.
  54. Celebrate victories with a new "smaller" outfit.
  55. Get rid of clothes that are too big.
  56. Increase your exercise goals as you go, especially when you plateau.  
  57. Keep your salt in check.
  58. Don't eat after 7:00 p.m.
  59. Use spaghetti squash in place of regular spaghetti.
  60. Use fresh veggies and herbs when cooking.  (try a little garden or grow in pots?)
  61. Eat avocados, healthy fat, filling and high in fiber.
  62. Replace your cooking oil with olive oil.
  63. Find a partner to keep you motivated.
  64. Walk whenever possible, take the stairs whenever possible, get up and move whenever possible.
  65. Eat zero to low calorie foods as much as possible.  (celery, tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms......)
  66. Take a nap when tired, better than eating.
  67. Stretch daily.
  68. Strengthen your core.
  69. Add quinoa to your diet, goes good with everything, filling and so good for you!
  70. Make your own salad dressing - vinaigrette with olive oil.

I'm sure there's several more losing weight tips but just making the changes you like will be very helpful!  

Also, don't forget to read the other pages as well.  In doing so you'll be able to identify your challenges that will give you direction in putting together your very own unique plan.  

It should be doable, it should be fun, it should be successful!! 

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