Making Baby Food

woman making baby food

How to make baby food - Making baby food is easy but most of all, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing the ingredients in the homemade baby food recipe and that it was made with love and care!!   

Choosing the right tools/equipment

First of all, don’t let this stop you because you can get away with using just a fork but there’s a few products that will make your baby food recipes and baby food preparation a little easier. Healthy baby food is really a snap, especially with the following help!

A hand-turned food mill with different blades - it will serve you well through toddler foods.  It's a great portable, non-electric gadget which you can find online under "food mill."

All in one baby food maker is a great device that can steam and puree.  In fact, some models can defrost and reheat as well.   You can find this under baby food makers.  If nothing else, buy a steam basket that sets in your pans, you'll use it all the time!!

Baby food grinder a very affordable option you'll get a lot of use out of.   It's portable and non-electric and can be found online under hand blender.   Buyer beware:  some models are much better than others.

Hand blender which is electric and purees food just like a blender but you place it in the food as opposed to putting the food in the blender.   Can be a handy tool!

Kitchen blender or food processor can also suffice if you already own one and want to try using before buying something else.

As I started out saying, don't let not owning one of these stop you from making baby food.  It's amazing what you can do with a steamer basket and a fork, that's exactly what I did 35 years ago!

If you don't have ample storage containers, ice cube trays, and freezer bags, pick up a few of these as'll be using them regularly!

Now all you need is a baby food chart with coordinating recipes by age and you're ready to start.

With GMO's (see What Is GMO) and pesticides (see Pesticides) you'll want to buy organic ingredients to make organic baby food.  You'll feel better about serving wholesome baby food and helping your little one build a strong body!  (See Mommy Help for more recommendations)

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