Metabolism Diet
and changing your diet

Metabolism Diet - As amazing as it may seem, it is possible to boost your metabolism with metabolism foods which speeds up your metabolism!  Since metabolism is basically how fast and efficiently your body burns the calories you eat every day, the idea is to eat only what your body needs for optimal cell function, on a daily basis.  That means choosing foods low in caloric value but high in nutritional value, increasing your metabolism.

Before we look at foods (and the Metabolism Diet) let's first take a look at liquids.  Drinking a glass of water (17oz) can increase your body's metabolism up to 30%.  It's also a great appetite suppressant and of course, necessary to keep you hydrated.  You should have at least 8 glasses daily.

If you get tired of just water, add some slice lemon or lime.  Fruit juice, alcohol, sport drinks, etc. should be eliminated since they're usually high in calories.  Try to drink your coffee black and of course, there's many great teas out there, especially green tea.

Choosing foods that are high in nutritional value and low in caloric value will speed up your metabolism.  The last thing you want to do is starve yourself, this only slows your metabolism.

Maybe you're already eating a healthy, well balanced diet but still not able to lose weight.  If this sounds like you, take a close look at Boost Metabolism if you haven't already.

If you're NOT eating a healthy diet, let's take a look at some ideas to get you started.

Often we're busy and fast food or whatever we have to grab quick wins out.  Let's take a look at some fast, easy options.

Breakfast Ideas - I like to cook up a pot of oatmeal that I can get 3-4 mornings out of.  Steel cut organic oatmeal is my favorite and I enhance it with a variety of options when I heat it.  (depends on what I have!)  Often I add about a teaspoon of peanut butter and some premix cinnamon and honey.  (read about the health benefits of honey)  Sometimes sliced banana, greek yogurt, blueberries, etc. You get the idea!  It's fast, healthy, satisfying and delicious.

More ideas....granola with Greek yogurt, peanut butter and honey on sprouted wheat toast, scramble egg with some left over veggies is also very quick to make.  (love steamed greens in my eggs)  Need something on the go?  A banana (and berries?) in the blender with water and protein powder is quick and low calorie.  (another opportunity to add that cinnamon honey too!)

Lunch Ideas - Like making a pot of oatmeal to last several mornings, sometimes I'll make a pot of soup (usually with leftovers) that will provide several lunches too.   It's easy to start with a carton of organic broth and/or a couple cans of diced tomatoes.  Ingredients you can add:  black beans, veggies, chicken, lentils, quinoa, etc.

More can make a little extra dinner, place in a Tupperware - easy to grab on the go for lunch.  I also like to mix up a big bowl of green salad and add to it.  Ingredients you can add: fruit, chicken, cheese, tuna, beans, couscous, quinoa, etc. 

If you have healthy items in your frig it makes it so quick and easy!  The key is changing what you buy and preparing a little extra to keep it available, quick and easy!

Dinner Ideas - As I mentioned before, I like to mix up a big salad that will give for a few days.  How easy is it to cook some fish fillets in a skillet and adding some greens (like chard to make wilted greens) add your salad and there you have a complete dinner.  You can do this with chicken, meatballs or anything.....You can add some beans or grains as well.

You can also simply add to the salad in a variety of ways for a dinner too.  (think taco salad, chicken caesar, etc)  You can prepare something healthy, satisfying in a very short time.  (and don't forget to make a little extra for tomorrow's lunch!)

Easy Healthy Snack Ideas - A hand full of nuts!  You can easily put in a baggie or Tupperware and toss in your purse.  Fruit is a quick grab, apple, banana, pear, etc.  If you wash them (and your veggies) before storing it makes grabbing quick and easy.  Yogurt?  Buy the serving size - preferably Greek without sugar.  As I mentioned earlier, veggies....have some hummus or guacamole to dip for an extra satisfying treat.

It's easy if we first of all shop for the right things and plan/prepare a few things ahead of time.  If you have kids, get them involved in the process, it's an opportunity to teach them how easy it is to make healthy choices as well.

I believe the Mediterranean diet is a great, healthy, balanced way to eat....all the time.   That being said, there is also a metabolism diet that you may also want to consider.  It was featured on the Dr. Oz show as a way to super charge your metabolism by rebooting it for rapid weight loss.   I would be remiss to not share it......

Pomroy who is the author of The Fast Metabolism Diet states you can accelerate weight loss by switching up your diet every two or three days.  Confusing your body so it burns more calories.  This is what she recommends:

  1. Eat carbs to reduce stress and calm the adrenal glands.
  2. Eat proteins to release stored fat.
  3. Eat good fats to burn fat.

Monday & Tuesday Meal Plan: Eat one cup of whole grains at every meal like brown rice, oats or quinoa.   Eat two fruits daily, such as mango or pineapple.

Wednesday & Thursday Meal Plan: Eat six ounces of protein (steak, eggs, etc.) with unlimited quantities of vegetables at every meal.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Meal Plan: Eat a combination of carbs, healthy fats (olive oil, avocados) and protein at every meal.

It's important to give your body what it needs, eliminate what it doesn't need which is junk food (and drinks) filled with empty calories.

Some people get good results having small portions 6 times a day as opposed to the typical 3 portions a day.   This is because eating more often keeps your metabolism up.  Again we're all different, have different schedules and preference.  Consider all the above, experiment and find what works for you, your schedule and your body.

Most importantly, remember nothing will work unless you stick with it!

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