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 Learn Here About the Unique Differences and Benefits Of Salts For Baths

AVOID Salt Baths if Pregnant, Heart Trouble, High Blood Pressure or are Diabetic. 
                                                    Drink Plenty of Water!

There are many types of salt for bath but what is the real difference?  What benefits does a sea salt bath give over a Epsom salt bath?  What about that pink salt? There's even grey salt.  What about dead sea salt? 

We're going to break it down by looking at each type and the therapeutic properties they offer. 

All but four of the salts listed below are sea salts, so I will speak to the value of sea salt now so I'm not overly repetitious with each one individually.  I'll point out the unique properties beyond.

Sea salts enhance the bath with both physical and emotional benefits.   The mineral rich seas have offered healing properties for centuries providing numerous benefits such as; reducing muscle and joint inflammation, relaxation, circulation improvement, helps relieve muscle cramping, detoxify to both the body and the skin, regenerate cells and provides numerous mineral benefits.   Additional Benefits - Sea salt is healing to any skin abrasions or wounds and helps reduce inflammation and discomfort from psoriasis, rosacea, eczema and other skin conditions.

The four that are not sea salt is Epsom and the first one, Ancient Sea Salt/Himalayan Pink Salt, Sulfur/Black Salt which are mined and Dendritec which is commerically manufactured but offers benefits for salt bath recipes.

Once you identify the best salt(s) for your specific need you can kick up your baths for maximum benefits!

Ancient Sea Salt; AKA Himalayan Pink Salt - Not a Sea Salt but hand mined from the mountains.

 This salt is loaded with trace minerals, (85.62% sodium chloride and 14.38% other trace minerals including: sulphate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, strontium, and fluoride - in descending order of quantity) and lends to the effectiveness of a detox bath.  (so use with caution)  The natural pink color has added to its popularity.

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Atlantic Sea Salt - These salts come from deep, clean ocean waters making it a good sea salt choice.  

Bali Reef Salts Salts from the Bali Sea are typically a light grey in color and porous. Bali Reef Salts are produced using an ancient method in which sea water is placed in canal systems (made of tree trunks) for evaporation, then the solid salt crystals are dried by a coconut husk fire and finally the sea salt crystals are sun-dried again.

Coarse Salt - Sea salt and all the benefits of sea salt, just coarse in size.   This salt offers visual options due to the larger grain.   

Crystal Sea Salt - Large chunks of sea salt offering a variety of uses.  You can put these salts in a organza type bag and hang under the water spout for multiple baths.  You can also add a variety of fresh or dried herbs.  Also offers unique visual options.

Dead Sea Salt - The mineral content is completely different than other sea salt.  Only 8% sodium chloride and high levels of potassium, magnesium and sulfates.  This salt goes to a whole new level!   Excellent choice for skin issues like eczema and psoriasis but also great for arthritis and rheumatism.   As for your skin, well....Cleopatra was proof of that benefit!

Dendritic Salt - Commercially manufactured, purified and crystallized sodium chloride.  This salt does not offer any therapeutic value but is helpful to use in recipes.  It helps maintain the essential oil fragrance longer and helps reduce clumping, it's like a preservative for salt bath recipes when 5% is used.

Epsom Salt - It is a mineral compound of pure magnesium sulfate.  It looks like salt (sodium chloride) but is not salt at all.  That being said, it offers a lot of qualities - when magnesium sulfate is absorbed through the skin, such as in a bath, it draws toxins from the body, sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling and relaxes muscles.  It's affordable and the most common used "salt."

European Bath Salt - Much like the Atlantic Salt described above.  It comes in both a fine and coarse grain and is a good choice for making bath salts.

Fine Salt - Sea salt that can be found fine as flour.   All the benefits of sea salt but is recommended for facial and body scrub recipes for those who have sensitive skin.

Grey Salt - Due to the region (France) the natural trace minerals color this salt and since it is unrefined, it maintains the color.  I like that!!  It is France's organic salt and maintains a lot of nutrients and minerals.

Hawaiian Red Salt - aka Alaea sea salt - Like the Grey Salt above, the color, volcanic red is due to it's region.  It is high in iron oxide and offers great healing properties.

Organic Salt - Basically these salts come from a nature reserve and are produced without any chemicals.  Since salt is a mineral as opposed to a plant, the U.S. does not offer this certification.  When you buy organic (sea) salt, you know you are buying top quality sea salt.

Solar Salt - This is sea salt that has been dried by the sun.   This is more common in the Mediterranean Sea.  The grains usually are larger and have a crystal beauty.   This salt offers all the qualities found in sea salts.

Sulfur Salt - aka Black Salt - It's more of a greyish pink as opposed to black.  It's a popular choice for skin issues including infections.  It's also noted for it's respiratory benefits, purifying and healing. It is unrefined mineral salt harvested in volcanic regions of India and Pakistan.  Commonly used in the Ayurvedic recipes.  It will beat up any essential oils you try so I wouldn't even bother.  It lives up to it's name, "sulfur" but is very healing.

If you're undecided on a few, trial and error will eventually lead you to your favorite.  

Also for those of you that like to decorate with the salts or give as gifts, there's many creative ways you can do this.  Some of the salts in their unique beauty will help you along.  see: Homemade Bath Salts

Most importantly, these salts can be a special part of taking care of yourself, just remember the warnings and proceed with caution or consult with a physician if you're not sure.

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