Baby Food Chart

A baby food chart for your baby's first year!  Introducing solid foods one at time
wait 4 days in between to be safe





Baby Food Chart
4-8 Months

Recipes 4-8 months


 Green Peas
 Sweet Potatoes

 Barley Cereal
 Brown Rice   Cereal/Oats
 Oatmeal/Porridge   Porridge

Baby Food Chart

8-10  MONTHS

Recipes 8-10 months







Baby Food Chart

10-12  MONTHS

Recipes 10-12 Months


 Bell Pepper


 Rice Noodles
 Rice Pasta
 Rice Cakes


baby eating

This baby food chart is to help you introduce the right foods at the right time for that very important first year. 

You're also establishing eating habits for years to come so it's important for your baby to develop a love for healthy foods.

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