Essential Oil Warnings

Essential oil warnings should be read before using essential oils for your own protection.  If you use essential oils, you should also know also how not to use them.

Eugenol oil (clove oil) is toxic to human cells if ingested but has many great and useful qualities. 

Tea Tree oil also is another one, in fact...there's warnings about not using tea tree oil in the ears.

Lemongrass oil, also a wonderful oil that has many qualities and uses but don't allow direct contact with your skin.

Basically, essential oils have many incredible qualities but they need to be used with caution and respect.

Use according to the recipes and seek professional advice for further uses.

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Essential Oils & Babies - On this site I have advised against the use of essential oils on babies under six months of age, although essential oils are natural, they are also very powerful.

I've been told from birth it's okay to use Chamomile, Lavender, Yarrow and Dill, yet, I'm not advising it because I don't know the quality of oil you may be using.

It's important to use only pure, quality oils, avoiding the synthetic oils completely.

Although, even using quality oils, there are three oil warnings; Anise, Eucalyptus and Wintergreen that should not be used on little ones under the age of two.

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Pregnant and elderly should restrict the amount used or avoid.

Also, adults that may be chemically sensitive may choose for that reason to avoid essential oils and leave them out of recipes offered on this site. 

Essential oils should be stored in a cool, dark place (keep away from flames, heat and ignition sources, they can be flammable) 

Also, keep out of reach from children and pets.  

Spills may also do damage to the surface they come in contact with. 

Please respect the fact these oils are very strong and direct contact on your skin should be avoided, with the exception of Lavender and Tea Tree oil which can be used directly on the skin.

Those who are sensitive should only consider using with a carrier(see how to use essential oils)

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More essential oil warnings include Clary, it should not be used when consuming alcohol because it can greatly increase its effects. 

Additionally, Marjoram and Chamomile can cause drowsiness.  

If you are on a anti-coagulant therapy avoid oils high in Eugenol.  (clove, cinnamon leaf and bay laural-pimenta racemosa)  

Not that you would want to BUT the following oils are not suitable for aromatherapy use.

Bitter almond, camphor, horseradish, onion, penny royal, rue, sassafras, wintergreen and wormwood.

Essential oils should only be taken internally after receiving a detailed consultation and prescription from a trained and qualified aromatherapy practitioner.  

For more information on using essential oils visit;    What Are Essential Oils, Most Common Essential Oils and Cleaning With Essential Oils and Make Your Own Perfume.

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