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Homemade Baby Food - For the best information including a baby food chart, how to make baby food, organic baby food recipes and information and tips for storing baby food and more......Mom’s this is the place!

First, let’s cover some basic information regarding homemade baby food by starting at the very beginning, your baby's first foods.

The first 4-6 mos your baby will thrive off from breast milk or formula (breast milk if possible) but there will come a time when your baby isn’t satisfied, each baby is different and also nursing Mommy’s supply. 

So, there’s not a definite time but your baby will let you know, he/she will become more demanding with their appetite and showing signs of not being satisfied. 

If your baby seems satisfied, waiting at least 6 months is best, some Mom’s even go as long as 8 months.

There are certain baby's first foods that are best to gradually introduce into your baby's diet.

Starting with foods that are thin, (puree, do not start with baby solids) easy on the digestion and low on the allergy scale.   Recipes 4-8 months

Still, you should wait 4 days before introducing another food just to make sure it agrees with your baby and there’s no allergic reaction. 

Once this has been determined, it can become a regular food in their diet which is why it’s important to introduce only one new food at a time.   We love these small victories!!!

We will cover along with a baby food chart the best baby food recipes for a 4-8 month old baby8-10 month old baby and 10-12 month old baby. 

We’ll also cover tips and the best way to store baby food.

Although you can find organic jars of baby food, it has to be cooked at extremely high temperatures to kill the bacteria and extend the shelf life which unfortunately destroys vitamins, minerals and nutrients as well.   Here's more reasons for making your own!

  • Making baby food can be very simple!
  • You’ll have the peace of mind knowing exactly what your baby is getting. 
  • It's more economical than pre-packaged foods.

By following the simple baby food chart steps and the organic baby food recipes provided along with storing baby food suggestions, you can’t go wrong and will soon learn how simple and easy it is to do. 

Most importantly, you'll feel good knowing your providing only the best!

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