Homemade Furniture Polish

ingredients for furniture polish

Homemade Furniture Polish - Homemade Furniture Polish - It's So Easy and Affordable to Make Natural Furniture Polish with this great furniture polish recipe below.

As I've said on several pages, you can find the ingredients right in your own kitchen, how easy is that!!!  

Also, a little goes a long way.   I have a small jar that I put my recipe in and apply it to my dust cloth when I want to moisturize and condition the wood.  I use a feather type duster in between these times.  

Not only is it great for all your wood furniture, it's great to use on those kitchen cabinets and any other wood work you may have in your home.

Furniture Polish Recipe

It's so easy and affordable to make natural furniture polish that you can use on all your wood!


1/4 C olive oil

1/4 C White distilled vinegar

*20 drops lemon essential oil or 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice

*If you choose the fresh lemon juice, the mixture should be kept refrigerated.

Mix well and apply to a clean, soft cloth and you're ready to go!! 

To apply, rub the polish in the same direction of the grain allowing the wood to absorb the polish. 

Be careful not to apply too much, if you do, just buff it until absorbed. 

To Remove Rings and Scars:

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Home Remedy  - Rings - Toothpaste!  White (non-gel) toothpaste works best.  Rub generously over the ring and allow to sit for a few hours.   Wipe off the toothpaste and the water mark should be gone!

Home Remedy - Scars - Crayons (wax) Yep, that's right, choose the wax crayon that's closes to the color of your wood, (you can use a couple different crayon colors) and just color it in.   Go over the scratch rubbing with a dry part of your waxing cloth and if you need to, repeat the process.

You can also buy ink stain pens at your local hardware store to stain and fill in those scratches.


Homemade furniture polish doesn't have any dangerous chemicals that is found in commercial polishes.  When using store bought, you're exposing yourself and family to chemicals both in the air and on the skin to those using the spray.

Many have a reaction when using furniture polish for very good reason.

Common ingredients in furniture polish often cause irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory system.   The aerosol polish send microscopic particles into the air that contain carcinogenic chemicals.  These are absorb through our bodies by inhalation and/or absorbed into the bloodstream.

The ingredients of concern are: 

Morpholine - a severe irritant which may cause kidney damage 

Neurotoxins - similar to butane, propane and turpentine,a gas that's damaging to our repistory system. 

Nitrobenzene - A carcinogen, attacks the central nervous system and causes skin irritation. 

Petrolemum distillates - Chemical that is linksed to skin and lung cancer, very flammable as well.

Synthetic fragrance - Symtoms include,headaches, dizziness, rash, coughing, vomiting and skin irritation." It is especially important for those who have asthma to avoid synthetic scents.

Enjoy the natural fresh and clean smell while using your homemade furniture polish and most of all, enjoy the amazing results!

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