Homemade Toothpaste
Homemade Mouthwash

Before we look at a couple different toothpaste recipes (below) we're going to first look at why you should consider homemade toothpaste.  

Of course, it's all about the ingredients in commercial toothpaste but you'll be happy to learn how to make toothpaste because it's so simple and will save you money too!!

Let's look at the typical ingredients found in toothpaste and why you should avoid them.  There are more ingredients that can be found but below is the typical that will give you an idea of what you (and your children) are putting in your mouths daily. 

Toothpaste Ingredients

Aspartame - Linked to brain malignances, cancer, graves disease.

Calcium - Known to cause calcifications, joint problems, kidney stones.

Carbomer - Polymer of acrylic acid, byproduct of gasoline production

DEA & TEA - Disrupts hormones, increases risk of asthma and cancer.

Ethanol - A carcinogen shown to degrade bond between veneers, crowns and teeth.

FD&C color pigments - Increases risk of cancer and tumors, thyroid carcinogen.

Flavor (menthol, cinnamaldehyde) Synthetic derivatives, can be carcinogen, lye, corrosives.

Fluoride - related to Alzheimer’s, cancer, destroys bones, infertility, reduced IQ, birth defects. 

Propylene glycol -  A toxin, cites skin, liver and kidney damage, allergic reactions.

SLS - Organ toxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity

Sodium Hydroxide - classified as "expected to be toxic or harmful," linked to esophagus cancer.

Triclosan - Classified as a pesticide, hormone disrupting, decreases fertility, birth defects. 

“The blood that runs through your tooth will run through your toe in one minute.”

Timothy A. Kersten DDS

Again, there's many more ingredients depending on the various brands.  My biggest concern is the dangers of Fluoride.
Fluoride - Dangers of Fluoridation | Mercola.com

So what are your options?  

First of all, there are natural toothpaste on the market but you still need to carefully read the ingredients and know what each one is.   Some sound safe but are not entirely.   

If you would like to take matters into your own hands and save money while doing so, experiment with some of these great toothpaste recipes and options!

Toothpaste Recipes

Castile Soap Recipe

5 Tablespoons Castile Soap

Castile Peppermint Soap 32 oz 32 oz Liquid

3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Organic 22 fl oz Solid Oil

1/2 Tablespoon Baking Soda

1/2 Tablespoons Xylitol (optional)

15 - 20  drops of Peppermint Essential Oil  (if you prefer, you could use tea tree, cinnamon, ginger, lavender, orange, etc.etc.

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Use a mixer (hand mixer, blender, food processor, etc) and blend for approximately 1 minute or until it becomes creamy.   Don't over blend, you'll lose your texture.   You can store in a jar or a clean squirt bottle. 

Added Comments: 

Xylitol is to add a sweet flavor to it and not necessary otherwise.

Baking Soda - Although many love to brush with baking soda because of its teeth whitening and plaque removal properties, there is some concern that baking soda is slightly abrasive to the teeth's enamel and too much can weaken the enamel.  Use your own judgement.  My recommendation is to not use it every day.   There are days I just simply use 1 drop of Castile Soap on my toothbrush.   It's difficult to get just 1 drop so you may want to mix it 50/50 with water and still not use over 2 drops. 

Another option is the following recipe!

Bentonite Clay Recipe

2 Tablespoons Bentonite Clay

1 Tablespoons purified water (can boil/let cool)

15-20 drops Essential Oil  (peppermint, tea tree, cinnamon, orange, etc...)

1/4 teaspoon of Xylitol or Stevia (optional)

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I also like to add a few drops of coconut oil (even used olive oil in a pinch) it gives it a smoother texture....again, it's optional!

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Mix well in a glass bowl (do not use metal due to the clay) add a little more water (or coconut oil) if needed.

Added Comments: 

Bentonite Clay is great for your teeth and gums and used in some natural toothpaste.  Not only does it clean your teeth, it re-mineralizes as well.  You may need to add a little water before it's gone, it has a tendency to dry out.  (keep covered!)

Homemade Mouthwash

If you like to finish off with a mouthwash, this couldn't be easier and doesn't have the dangerous ingredients found in commercial mouthwash. 

(Fluoride, alcohol, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate, polysorbate, cetylpyridinium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, artifical colors, etc. etc.)

1 Cup Water (filtered)

4 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

4 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

Not only does the peppermint refresh your breath but the Tea Tree Oils offers antiseptic qualities too!

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