Leather Cleaning Tips

leather couch before cleaning
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Leather Cleaning Tips & Recipes - Easy to make, toxic free, inexpensive.......so why not?  

Homemade leather cleaner can be whipped up according to how big or small the job is.  It could be cleaning leather shoes or cleaning leather furniture such as couches, etc.

Commercial cleaners are expensive and often we have to toss out some unused portion that has dried up or gone bad.   We also expose ourselves, families and pets to unwanted chemicals.  

Most of us already have the simple and affordable ingredients in our kitchen, it's just a matter of mixing a couple ingredients and you're ready to go!  

Don't miss the tips below for stains when cleaning leather.

Homemade Leather Cleaner

 Recipe 1   (adjust proportion according to need)

½ C Olive Oil (flaxseed oil works too)

1/4 C Distilled White Vinegar  

(A few drops of your favorite essential oil will make it smell wonderful!!)

Mix together and store in small glass bottle – if you’d like, you can use a spray  top.  

Shake well before using and either lightly spray on your leather or apply a small amount on a soft cloth and wipe/buff your leather.   (you don’t want your leather to absorb too much oil) 

Wipe with a clean, soft, dry cloth to absorb any residue left behind. 

Not only will this clean your leather, it will condition and bring back that new beautiful shine.

Recipe 2

1/2 C Neat's Foot Oil

1/4 C Distilled White Vinegar

Mix well and apply to a clean, soft cloth and apply in a circular motion.  Allow 9 hours to dry before buffing with clean cloth.

Cleaning Leather & Leather Cleaning Tips

Leather Stain Removers  (test on small area not easily seen)

1. Mix 1 part cream of tartar and 1 part lemon juice.   Apply the paste on stain and allow 2 hours before wiping clean.

2. Rub white toothpaste on the leather surface in a circular motion with a clean rag, buff.

3.  Mix one part water with one part rubbing alcohol, pour into a clean spray bottle.   Spray the solution on the stain, buff with clean cloth. 

4.  Apply Rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or clean soft cloth and rub on stain.

5.  Spray non-oil hairspray on the stain.  Allow a couple minutes before buffing stain.

6.  For ink stains - dip a cotton bud in some vinegar (some alcohol will also do), and rub it on the stained spot.  After this, dry the spot with a blow dryer. If the stain persists, try gently rubbing some acetone free nail polish remover onto the stain using a soft cloth.  Apply a non-acetone nail polish remover rubbing in a circular motion with a clean rag.

7.  If any liquids, grease or oil is spilled on leather, blot well to remove liquid using a dry clean cloth.

Leather can fade, avoid sunlight exposure.

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