Organic Baby Food Recipes
4-8 Months

Organic baby food recipes starting with 4 to 8 month old baby.  Healthy baby food recipes start here with the best, healthy baby food purees!!   

Baby first foods and great recipes for babies - lots of great baby food purees to make this important first step easy, healthy and fun!

Also see: Baby Food Chart for help along the way, it will guide you on when and what to introduce to your little darlin.

Introduce new foods one at a time using the 4 day rule and consult with your pediatrician if your baby shows any signs of food allergies. 

Do not use a microwave oven for cooking or thawing your baby's food...see Microwave Ovens for more information.      

O.K., let's get started!!

Introducing Fruit
Organic Baby Food Recipes 4-8 months

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Apple Sauce


5 medium organic apples of your choice
1/2 C water


Core, peel, and dice apples  (after 8 mos. It should be safe to leave the peel on if you like)
and add apples to the water in a sauce pan and bring to a gentle boil, then reduce heat and let simmer until the apples are tender and mash easily. 

Once done you can mash, strain or make baby food purees - it all ends up apple sauce.....the consistency is your choice.

Refrigerate what you’ll use for the next 2-3 days and freeze the remaining sauce in ice cube trays for future organic food recipes.

Apples – This is one of the first foods your baby can be introduced to and will surely love!  The good news is, not only is it a favorite of most babies, it’s very good for them too.  

It is so important to go organic though.   They’re listed in the dirty dozen of non-organic, meaning they’re highly contaminated with pesticides otherwise.   Pesticides are found in the seeds of non-organic apples which means, all the fruit has absorbed pesticides which you don’t want to feed to a tiny little body.

Instead, the seeds should be loaded with pectin and the insoluble and soluble fiber should be pure and offering nothing but goodness for your baby!   

In time, you can mix apple in several of their food choices; along with apple sauce; cereal, yogurt, mixed with some vegetables to make them go down a little more easy, used in baked goods instead of oils and sugar, etc.  

A very versatile and healthy choice.  

Avocado Mash


1/2 avocado, peeled and pureed - Just like bananas, due to the soft and creamy consistency of a properly ripen avocado,  it’s not necessary to cook.

If your baby doesn't like the flavor of plain avocado, try adding a little apple sauce.

Avocados – Cholesterol free fat so needed for the development of the brain and nervous system, loaded with vitamins and minerals making it a perfect intro food for your baby and hopefully a regular in the diet for months and years thereafter. 

Your baby should love the smooth, creamy texture and it blends great with other fruits.

Banana Mash

Bananas do not require any cooking.  Just mash, puree or blend to the consistency you want.  You can add breast milk or formula to make it thinner.

Bananas are a healthy favorite and a great choice for introducing solid food.  Full of potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, B2 & C.  

Bananas are also known as one of nature's own antacids. They  also contain mucilaginous bulking substances which is beneficial as an anti-acid and protects against stomach ulcers.  

This also makes them very digestible but can cause constipation if eaten in large quantities.

Mashed Pears


Sliced, cored, peeled, organic pear


Pears don’t need to be cooked if they are properly ripe, they’re very soft and easy to puree or blend.    However, if your baby is starting solids between 4-6 months, it’s recommended to steam your pears just to help breakdown the fibers.  

Pears are easy on the digestion and naturally on the watery side so only a quick steam is recommended. 

Pears are nutrient dense, there are more nutrients per calorie than calories per nutrient. 

Also, since pears are gentle on the tummy they’re the perfect food for reflux and tummy problems.  They’re also a great remedy for constipation. 

Pears contain no sodium, saturated fats or cholesterol. They contain two types of sugars, glucose and fructose.  There is no need to peel a pear unless feeding one to a small infant, a pear's skin is easily digestible.

Introducing Vegetables
Organic Baby Food Recipes 4-8 months

Pureed Organic Carrots


After scrubbing carrots and trimming the ends, steam them well so they can be mashed or strained easily.   (food mill comes in handy with carrots!)  

Carrots are very high in beta carotene also known as vitamin A.  Although important in a baby’s diet and easily digested, there is some controversy regarding nitrates.  As always, moderation is key.

Pureed Peas


Steam peas until soft and puree until smooth.

Peas are a great first green for babies full of vitamins, calcium, iron and protein.   If  you have a hard time getting your baby to eat peas, mix in a little apple sauce, they’re a great source of nutrients you want your baby to enjoy.

Sweet Potatoes (same as Yams)


Store in a cool, dark, dry area until ready to make.   Best scrubbed, pricked with a fork a few times and baked.  (about 375-400  for 30-60 minutes depending on the size)   Once potato has cooled enough, slice open and scoop out the nutrient rich inside.   If you need it to be a little more runny in consistency, add breast milk or formula, puree and let your baby enjoy!!

Sweet potatoes/yams - Their nutritional value tops the charts. They’re also delicious making a great choice for your baby. High in Vitamin A and beta carotene, potassium, calcium and vitamin E.

Squash –  winter-butternut/acorn


Just like yams, it’s best to bake the squash, allow to cool and slice open scooping out any seeds and puree the meat of the vegetable.   Mixes well with applesauce if your baby isn’t crazy about the squash plain. 

High in vitamins, minerals and calcium makes for a delicious, smooth intro vegetable.

Introducing Grains
Organic Baby Food Recipes 4-8 months

Brown rice cereal (4-6 servings)   Many Mom’s start their babies out on rice cereal, buying it off the store shelf.   It’s so easy to make and can be made with something as easy as a blender.


1/2 C short grain organic brown rice - grind or blend for about 1 minute.
Bring 1/2 C of water to a boil and sprinkle in 2 Tbsp of the ground brown rice.
(store the remaining rice in a sealed container, refrigerate or store in cool, dark place.
Stir occasionally for approx 5 minutes, it should be thick and creamy.

Let cool to room temperature and it's ready to serve!  (You can add more breast milk or formula if you want it thinner, also mashed bananas or apple sauce makes it a real treat)

Packed with iron, magnesium and other vitamins and minerals, brown rice cereal makes a perfect first food. No more nutritionally stripped white rice cereal or spending way too much money on pretty packaging and advertising.

Barley Baby Cereal - Keep barley refrigerated.


1/4 C hulled or pearled organic barley - grind or blend for about 1 minute.
Bring 1 C water to a boil and add the grounded barley and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring often.

Let cool to room temperature and it's ready to serve!  (
You can add more breast milk or formula if you want it thinner, also mashed bananas or apple sauce makes it a real treat)

Keep barley refrigerated.

Barley is a good source of Vitamin A, Folate and even protein

Oatmeal Cereal


1/4 C organic oatmeal (NOT quick cook or instant) - grind or blend oatmeal for about 1 minute

Bring 1 C water to boil in saucepan and add the oatmeal powder while stirring constantly.

Simmer for 10 minutes, stirring often.   Remove from heat and serve slightly warm.....and yes,
you can add more breast milk or formula if you want it thinner, also mashed bananas or apple sauce to make it extra special.

Oats are high in fiber, calcium, protein and even some B vitamins.

It's so important to provide organic baby food recipes.  Consider GMO's and the Dangers of Pesticides (see What is GMO  and Pesticides) their little bodies can't handle all these foreign substance, it will lead to serious health issues!   You're responsible for your babies health today and in the future!

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