What Are Essential Oils.....

what are essential oils

What are essential oils?   Well first of all, I should clarify essential oils isn't really "oil" in terms of what we consider oil.

Essential oils are derived from plants, the plant extract can come from the flower, leaves, bark, fruit or root encompassing the essence of the plant. 

Rose essential oil, jasmine essential oil and so many more offer great aromas and multiple benefits!!   visit Homemade Air Fresheners 

There are many that offer antibacterial and anti fungal properties while providing great aromas as well.  You can kick up your  homemade cleaning solution a few notches with these!!  visit Cleaning with essential oils

There are many that offer therapeutic benefits as well making your baths both aromatic and healing.  visit Bath Recipes

Getting back to how oils are derived, for example, it requires several pounds of rose petals to distill one ounce of  rose essential oil or 60 roses to produce one drop of pure rose essential oil.

When you squeeze a lemon, orange or grapefruit, you'll see a fine mist, that is the essential oil of the fruit. (it is extractable through a press)

Pine needles and pine trees have a sticky substance which is the essential oil. 

Imagine the wonderful smells these all gift, how about a field of lavender, how about a rosemary plant, jasmine or mint?

Essential oils can also be explained by these aromatic qualities.

These distinctive aromas also provide protection for the plants from disease and predators.

lady using essential oils

Essential oils are typically extracted from plant matter using steam distillation, some (such as citrus) is extracted through cold pressing.

You can find examples in the Bible where essential oils were used such as Frankincense and myrrh are mention several times along with other oils.

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Documented use of essential oils have been dated back to 3,500 BC by Egyptians where distillation pots have been found at Tepe Gawra.

They use to hold a greater value before man-made medicine, all through out history in many cultures they were used for medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

However, due to the interest today in holistic care and alternative medicine, many are taking a fresh look at these incredible oils and using them with great success.

Essential oils are complex, powerful, special and offer so many incredible benefits.

For those who are interested in bio-energy (aka Chi or life force) will be interested to know pure essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance.

It's a electromagnetic vibrational frequency that also shows some oils test higher than others. (rose is the highest!)   This fascinates me beyond words!!!

Essential Oils can be used for aroma therapy, cleaning supplies, body care and numerous health benefits that we touch on a little.  

If you purchase a few and use them, you'll fall in love.  To get started see; most common essential oils to learn the basic benefits of the most common oils.  To learn how to use these oils in some of your everyday homemade products see; uses for essential oils and essential oil warnings.

It's important you only purchase pure oils.   Synthetic oils are primarily made from petrochemicals in attempt to duplicate the smell of a specific plant.   These synthetic oils are actually dangerous to your health as they are derived from not only petroleum but also ingredients such as benzene, aldehydes and other toxins that can cause cancer, birth defects, asthma and disorders to the central nervous system.

Keep it Pure & Enjoy!

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